Free Game Alert! A Total War Saga: Troy Just Launched And It’s Free To Keep In The First 24 Hours

A Total War Saga: Troy has just launched. And as promised before, it’s currently free to keep for anyone that redeems it right now on the Epic Games Store.

Go here. Login and nab it quick.

A Total War Saga are spin-offs and smaller-scale releases to Creative Assembly’s mainline Total War games. It’s still a strategy game with huge armies to command.

For Troy, it’s themed around ancient Greece, but with some blend of historical accuracy and fantasy. Centaurs are in the game, but the’re just cavalry units- men riding horses.

A Total War Saga: Troy, as you’d expect, will be exclusive on Epic Games Store for a year. But this is the first time Epic pulled a stunt like this. A new game launch, made free for the first 24 hours? Now that’s a flex.


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