Firebrand And Dormamu Returns For Marvel VS Capcom Infinite

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Firebrand And Dormamu Returns For Marvel VS Capcom Infinite

Marvel VS Capcom Infinite is coming out really soon, so character reveals will be happen frequently leading up to September. Today on the Marvel VS Capcom Facebook page two more characters are confirmed to make it to Marvel Infinite, making a return from Marvel VS Capcom 3.

On the Capcom side is Firebrand. The antagonist for Ghost & Goblins may seem obscure but this character has been used in tournaments. On the Marvel side is Dormamu, Dr. Strange’s adversary. This character may have grown out from being an obscure pick since the Dr. Strange movie, but his look should be more closer to the previous game rather that his movie appearance.

Capcom is teasing that gameplay of these two characters will be available during Gamescom, set to happen on August 22.

If you are in KL, Malaysia this weekend Marvel Infinite will be playable on the show floor, though don’t expect the build to include these two characters.

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