Final Fantasy XVI Already Finished “Basic Development And Scenario Production”

If you’ve followed the development cycle of Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XV, you probably expected a long time before the next numbered Final Fantasy will come out.

But maybe Final Fantasy XVI, revealed back in September for the PS5 (and maybe PC?) may not be that long of a wait.

Games Talk has spotted a new recruitment page on Square Enix’s website (in Japanese). In there, as translated by Gematsu, it’s said that “basic development and scenario production” is done.

Currently, the development is now for “various stages and fields, large-scale cutscenes, character actions, and so on.”

We’re honestly not exactly sure what “basic development” means in game development, though “scenario production” maybe in regards to story.

Still, this bit of news is reassuring that development for the Final Fantasy XVI has been going a lot more than we might expect. Impressive considering work has to be done remotely right now.

Expect to hear more information about Final Fantasy XVI sometime next year. It’s coming to the PS5.

via Gematsu

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