Final Fantasy XVI Announced, Coming To PS5

Square Enix has revealed the 16th mainline entry to the Final Fantasy series today at the PS5 Showcase for September 2020.

Final Fantasy XVI looks to set in a medieval, but less fantastical than previous entries. It looks more grounded, almost like The Witcher. Crystal, huge summons (called Eikons in this game) and various nods to the long-running RPG franchise like chocobos and a creepy malboro are present. Familiar medleys from the series can be heard in this trailer, focusing on the “awakening” of a new Eikon.

The other interesting fact to note that combat is another action-oriented affair, but looks far more character-action-y with long combos extended via weapon switching and air-juggles- much more competent-looking than FF XV. So far, it looks like a one-person party too, which when paired up with the setting, looks like a Final Fantasy take on The Witcher.

Naoki Yoshida, of Final Fantasy XIV fame, is producing Final Fantasy XVI, only as a producer he emphasised.

“The exclusive footage, comprised of both battles and cutscenes running in real-time, represents but a fraction of what our team has accomplished since the start of development on this, an all-new Final Fantasy game,” he says. “In that span, the team’s size has grown from a handful of core members to a full-fledged unit that continues to polish and build upon what they have created so far, all to provide players an experience unmatched in terms of story and gameplay.”

Hiroshi Takai, who previously worked on Final Fantasy XI and XIV, is the directing Final Fantasy XVI. Interesting to see the two leading person behind this single-player RPG have backgrounds from the MMO space.

More news of Final Fantasy XVI will be coming in 2021. Final Fantasy XVI will be out first on PS5.

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