Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition Demo Out Now, It’s A 21GB Download

But can your PC run FFXV for real?

For those that waited for more than a year for Final Fantasy XV to be on PC, it’s now getting closer. The demo that was announced last week is now out both on Steam and Windows Store.

The download is a hefty 21GB since it includes 4K textures. This will be an optional download in the main game, so you can save hard disk space and bandwidth by not downloading the 4K textures should you choose to do so.

Side-quests are also disabled in the demo. You are limited to Chapter 1, but it should give you a sense of how well the game can run on your PC.

You can download it on Steam here. If you want something lighter in size to test if your PC can run it, the benchmark tool is still available at 3.37GB in size.


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