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Final Fantasy Awakening : Yay or Nay?


Latest Android/IOS game from Square Enix recently released on Google Playstore. So we would like to bring the goodness of JRPG on handheld devices into a review.

To start off with the game, let’s talk about the graphics. Since today is 2017 where everything displayed super smooth with x16FXAA and blowing off with an ultra-high resolution texture with blasting 144+ fps. Considering Android/IOS games nowadays are extremely popular due to capabilities of mobile devices. Within my point of view, the graphics of the game is A- O.K. It’s good but not terrible to an extreme PS1 level, as it’s almost resembles to PSP’s graphic generation.

Moving on to the most critical desire of any gamer out there is the “GAMEPLAY”. By turning off several settings, a 2GB RAM Android device would be able to play smoothly but stutters exist. The controls are super easy, you press and skill applied. However, the positioning of “auto” button and moving controls are too close to each other that to avoid miss-click requires some muscle memory. It would be even better if “auto” button entirely out of the way.

Since this is a free to play game, the probability of a “paid” user filling up the ranks are SUPER HIGH. 99.9% top 500 players are “paid” user. In this game, there is a certain time where missions required a slight jump of team damage required however, with “money” anything possible. Hands off this pay to win method, be a wise person and support the game, final fantasy type-0 on Pc with exceptionally better overall. Since this is an MMORPG, a lot of people might be swarming off during peak hours. So keep an eye out for low-end mobile users.

Within the game, the classic JRPG startup where the character select begins, and of course, Male and Female are the choices. Moving on, there are 3 classes available, Swordsman (swift moves and burst damage), Gunner(long range DPS and traps user), and Caster (crowd control effects). Pick your poisons. As for me, I’ve selected Swordsman as my class thus this is my spreadsheet.

Overall, i would rate the game 6.5/10 for the graphics, 7/10 for special effects in the game and 5/10 for the story as it’s pretty much Type-0. Personally, I’m already addicted to this game and eagerly to open up a new guild, so when will you ? Add me ; Katsumi (p.s. send me flowers)