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Fighting EX Layer Launches On June 28th Worldwide

Ready your 「Gougi」


Arika’s April Fools joke-turned-real game Fighting EX Layer (FEXL) now has a launch date. It has been announced that the fighting game will be out on June 28th, to be available “sequentially in 68 countries and regions around the world.”

It’s a small-scale fighting game, with only 12 characters. Two versions will be available- the light version, retailing at $39.99 USD (roughly RM159.30) will include 12 characters and 5 「Gougi」decks whilst the standard version ($59.99 USD- roughly RM239) will include 12 characters plus Hokuto and 15 「Gougi」decks.

Fighting EX Layer uses the 「Gougi」system which are essentially modifiers and buffs that either passively makes a character stronger or requires a certain event to be activated. In theory, this should bring some strategic layer in assembling the best 「Gougi」to fit a character and player’s playstyle, but can be detrimental to game balance- as seen in 2012’s Street Fighter X Tekken.

Arika’s biggest claim in the fighting game scene is the development of the Street Fighter EX series, which not only brought the roster to 3D for the first time, but also bring in new original characters in a full-3D fighting game. The cast of memorable characters such as the skeleton sentai man Skullomania has been dormant after the series ended, which fueled the excitement of fans to encourage Arika turn this joke into a real game.

More info about the game, including character movelists, can be found on the new FEXL website.