Fight For Big Prizes And Hangout With The Fighting Games Community At Armaggeddon Cup

The Malaysian Fighting Games Community (FGC) is gearing up once more for another big event. The Armaggeddon Cup will be the first tournament presented by Armageddon with big prizes, including a trip to Thailand to enter Thaiger Uppercut, one of the ranking events in the Capcom Pro Tour.

The Armaggeddon Cup will also play host to the official launch of the Malaysian FGC’s base that will be now be located at Geek Empire, Ampang.

This is a good chance to prove your SFV skills as well as a good event to meet up with fellow fighting game lovers. Prizes include include mechanical gaming keyboards, speakers, PC housings and medals for Top 8 finishers.

It’s also a great chance to mingle with like-minded gamers with a strong passion in fighting games. With the onslaught of fighting games coming this year, namely Injustice 2, Tekken 7, Marvel VS Capcom Infinite as well as Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2, there’s plenty to talk about here.

Armaggeddon Cup takes place on June 4. It’s Ramadhan by that time, but rest assured there iftar will be provided after the long day.

Interested to join in? Registration is now open at this link here. For more info and new updates, you can find the official Facebook group here.

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