Female Gamers In Asia Mostly Play On Mobile, Enjoy MOBAs And Battle Royales

Female gamers in Asia play a lot of games on mobile, most of them on MOBAs, a new study by Google and Niko Partners revealed.

The study gathered some interesting stats about female gamers in Asia, as of 2019.

Asia is a big market for games, with 48% of total gaming revenue coming from this region. In regions like Japan, South Korea, China and Southeast Asia, at least 40% of the gamers here are female.

Most of these female gamers can be found playing on mobile, 473 million of them are. By contrast, a relatively small number of females play on PC (201 million) and consoles (a meagre 8.5 million).

The study also reveals what genres females prefer in their mobile games. Unsurprisingly, MOBAs get top billing, with 16% of players considers it their favourite. This is followed by puzzlers (more than 12%), battle royale (close to 12%) and shooters (more than 8%).

Interestingly, more females prefer playing mobile racing games than males. Though again, this count for only mobile games, not the console games and racing sims on PC.

Source: Google. Full size image download.

It’s an interesting insight into the gaming landscape in Asia, and females have been embracing gaming more than ever thanks to the advent of easily accessible mobile games.

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