Fall Guys To Use Epic’s Anti-Cheat Solution After Scrapping “Cheater Island”

Fall Guys, if you can believe, has a rampant cheating problem on PC. The game show game is so popular even tryhards want in for the glory.

Developers Mediatonic has revealed a while back that they will be implementing Epic Games’ anti-cheat solution, and that update will arrive this week.

But what’s surprising is, the Fall Guys Twitter, after a week of being handled by “Beanbot”, has returned and shared a story of their in-house anti-cheat solution, which is now scrapped.

The gist of the Twitter thread is that developers can detect cheaters. What would happen is that detected cheaters will be matchmade with other cheaters in what’s been dubbed “Cheater Island”.

This info was kept secret to ensure the anti-cheat works. Though once detected, cheaters would be stuck in matchmaking as there were enough players to go to Cheater Island.

And videos of a round full of cheaters have made rounds. But the developers couldn’t tell if this is Cheater Island gameplay- so everyone just teleport around- or some other game issue. And getting stuck infinitely in matchmaking can be actual bugs.

Plus, this solution wasn’t designed for the current size of the player base. At least 7 million players have gave Fall Guys ago, and counting. And there were loopholes to escape Cheater Island, like matchmaking with a non-cheating friend, or using Steam’s family sharing feature to make new accounts with the same purchased game copy.

Epic’s Anti-Cheat solution will be in place when the next update to Fall Guys. It will also include a randomly spawning obstacle, dubbed “Big Yeetus”. Hopefully this will yeet out them cheaters on PC properly.


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