Fall Guys Season 2 Brings Medieval Flair With New Rounds And Cosmetics

Fall Guys, the game show game that mixes battle royale and slapstick physics, operates in a season. Like most live games (and game shows).

At Opening Night Live 2020, developers Mediatonic showed a sneak peek of what to expect in Season 2 starting this October. And it looks like we have a lot in store.

The short teaser shows that Season 2 will be medieval themed, and that will affect both the rounds you play and the cosmetics you unlock.

The rounds (levels/mini-games) are all brand-new. One of the rounds has you do platforming, jumping on multiple boxes to climb over a wall. If you think the chokepoint at the Whirlygig was nasty, well this can be nastier. Those boxes are can be grabbed and pulled by chaotic players.

On the cosmetics side, we can expect dragons, knights, wizards and viking costumes. And most likely more.

Fall Guys Season 2 begins in October, so you still have enough time to finish that seasonal unlock progression if you haven’t. And if you have PS Plus, it’s not too late to go claim your PS4 copy of the game included in the subscription. Grab it before the next battle royale game takes its place.


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