Fall Guys Now Free For All, What’s Changed?

Popular game show game Fall Guys is now free-to-play, or as it likes to brand itself as Free For All. Mediatonic (now owned by Epic Games) has launched the game to Xbox and Nintendo Switch, as well as switched the PC version to the Epic Games Store (the Steam version is playable, but is now delisted).

So what’s changed since the original launch back in August 2020?

Free For All : Cross-Play and Cross-Progression

This is technically not new, but now it’s on more platforms it’s a bigger deal that it has these two big features ready for the free-to-play launch.

Fall Guys now supports cross-play and cross-progression (cross-save) with a catch. You can invite friends from other platforms, and have one shared progression across all the platforms available. But you need to link your Epic Games Account.

This process is not automatic. If you haven’t played Fall Guys for a while, log in to the platform you played on the most (PlayStation, Steam) and link your Epic Account from there.

The way cross-progression works is that you have to pick one primary platform. All the unlocks and currency from that one platform will then carry over to all platforms moving forward.

If the wrong platform was made as the primary platform, you have to file a support ticket to get that changed. The FAQ for that can be found here.

For cross-play, as long as your friend has connected their platform of choice to an Epic Games account and you are friends there, you can invite them into your game. Though in general matches, cross-play is turned on so you will be bumbling against players from different platforms by default.

More info on cross-play for Fall Guys can be found on their support page here.

No More DLC- Now We Have Season Pass

The switch to free-to-play comes with the switch of business model. If you’ve played Fortnite recently, you should pretty much get the gist of it.

DLCs won’t be purchasable anymore. Instead, those items will now appear in the in-game store.

Fall Guys now have a Season Pass. And by that, it’s like a Battle Pass. There are 100 tiers to unlock for this season. Some cosmetics are locked into the premium path which requires a purchase of a Season Pass to unlock. There are also unlocks on the free progression path, which understandably doesn’t have as many compared to the paid ones.

Introduction Of Show-Bucks, Kudos and Crown Changes

Fall Guys Free For All also introduces Show-Bucks, a new premium currency. You gain these via in-game purchases (micro-transactions) or get 300 Show-Bucks from the free progression path, or 1200 with the premium Season Pass path unlocked.

Show-Bucks is used to buy Season Pass (for 950) and other rarer cosmetics.

Kudos, previously the currency for most cosmetics, is now made rarer as it doesn’t drop after each show (match), but is earnable in events, challenges and making progress in the Season Pass. These can still be used to purchase cosmetics (the common ones) in the daily and weekly in-game store.

Crowns remain only earnable through winning a match. But it’s no longer a currency. It’s strictly for use in increasing your Crown Rank (which was a thing), but now there are more cosmetics to unlock via increasing the Crown Rank.

Any unspent Crowns before the free-to-play transition are now converted into Kudos, at the rate of 3000 Kudos per Crown.

New Season

After Season 6, Fall Guys is restarting back to Season 1. The new season adds seven new rounds with a track-and-field theme going.

To hammer home the idea of Fall Guys is secretly a racing game, there is now Speed Circuit, where you run laps around an obstacle course with speed boosts. The new final round Blast Ball will see finalists surviving on a platform that’s collapsing over time and can throw Blast Balls (don’t call it bombs) to knock each other out.

For the full release notes, you can find them here.

Fall Guys is now free-to-play and is available on PS4, PS5, PC (Epic Games Store), Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch.

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