Fall Guys Coming To Nintendo Switch, Xbox

It has been roughly six months since the launch of Fall Guys on PS4 and PC. And it looks like it’s enough time for the game show game (or “bumble royale” as the developers at Mediatonic has settled with) to arrive on other platforms.

In the February 2021 Nintendo Direct, it was revealed that Fall Guys is headed to Switch.

And not long after, it’s also announced to be coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S as well.

For those not in the know, Fall Guys is a 60-player party game with the mechanics of a platformer (you jump, grab and more than likely fall a lot), with the structure of a battle royale (last person standing wins) and the charm of playfulness of a game show (it’s inspired by the TV game shows like Takeshi’s Castle and Total Wipeout).

Contrary to the many replies under each Fall Guys tweet, the game is pretty much alive, currently in Season 3.5 with a bunch of silly cosmetics (and sometimes cool crossover ones) being added on a regular basis.

Expect to see Fall Guys to be dropping on Switch and Xbox later this summer (Q3).

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