Factorio Sells About 500,000 Copies Each Year Despite Never Having Sales

Factory builder game Factorio has shared an update before the end of 2022, and one of the interesting reveals is how well the indie game has been selling.

Since it launched in Early Access in 2016, Factorio was never on sale, something developers Wube Software has done as a policy.

On Christmas 2022, the total sales passed 3.5 million. And every year, about 500,000 copies have been sold.

As mentioned in the blog post, this milestone “validates the original no-sale policy we have stuck with since we launched on Steam in 2016”, the developers said.

Factorio has now made it to Nintendo Switch, with sales currently has passed 40,000 copies.

Controller support on PC and Steam Deck, as well as keyboard and mouse support for the Switch version, are currently being worked on.

Factorio is available on PC via Steam at a solid RM50 in Malaysia. The game is also available on Switch.

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