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Expect PSX SEA To Be Held Across All Southeast Asian Countries In The Future

Thanks Malaysia gamers


PSX SEA is getting its second year of running this year in Thailand after the first event last year, the first PSX outside of the US, was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. While it may not be the best of experience for regular folks to drop in- the long lines was its biggest talking point- it sure gave Playstation Asia the right signal to invest more in the region.

Speaking to Kakuchopurei, Arata Naito, SIE Singapore Head of Product Management for Southeast Asia reflected on the first PSX SEA and shared info of the events’ future.

” We were encouraged by the response of the Malaysian gamers,” he said.

“We choose Thailand this year. Our plan is to bring PSX to Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, The Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam.”

Naito also mentioned about the response of the Southeast Asia gaming community being “very very positive, very strong,” which has encouraged Playstation Asia to work with more developers and publishers to showcase more games at PSX SEA. Resident Evil 2 is confirmed to be playable at the show floor and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice will have exclusive gameplay footage debuting for this year’s event.

Aside from PSX SEA, the Play Everything roadshows which can be seen held in various malls will also be expanded. “We are expanding exposure and hands-on experience while seeing our fans and users’ faces,” Naito added, “That’s a very important thing to us.”

You can check out the full interview here:

PSX SEA 2018 is to be held at the GMM Live House, Bangkok, Thailand from August 18-19th.

Source: Kakuchopurei

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