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Expect Garena To Bring More Games By Tencent To Southeast Asia In The Next 5 Years


Garena, local publishers for FIFA Online 3 and League Of Legends, have been bringing in more games in the mobile space recently. In particular, they have been bringing games made by Chinese company Tencent for Southeast Asia with Arena Of Valor and Contra Return.

Expect to see more games made by Tencent to be brought over here by Garena as the two parties have signed a five-year deal. The deal grants Garena the right of first refusal to publish any of Tencent’s games, mobile or PC, in Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore.

Essentially, if Tencent wishes to publish their game in Southeast Asia, Garena has first dibs to publish it.

Tencent continues to be the giant of the video game industry, owning stakes in major developers including Riot Games (League Of Legends), Epic (Fortnite) and also Bluehole (PUBG).

The question now is, what game will it be next?

Via Business Times, Rappler