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Epic Games Store Is Having An Epic Mega Sale, With Discounts Galore Until June 13th


Now that Epic Games Store is competing in the PC storefront space, albeit unpopularly thanks to them grabbing limited-time exclusives, there are bound to do sales. And here’s the first one.

The Epic Mega Sale, a nod to their old name Epic MegaGames presumably, starts today and will last until June 13th. During this period, games are getting discounted, including games not out yet and available for pre-orders.

In addition, spending $14.99 USD and above and Epic will slash $10 USD off that total. Or its regional equivalent. But since Malaysian Ringgit is not supported, it’s still USD over here (though game prices are adjusted slightly).

Here are some select deals:

  • John Wick Hex (Pre-Order) – $8.99 ($.99)
  • Borderlands 3 (Pre-Order) – $34.99 ($44.99)
  • Satisfactory (Early Access) – $13.99 ($23.99)
  • Ashen – $14.24 ($18.99)
  • World War Z- $12.99 ($27.99)
  • Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 (Pre-Order) – $13.99 ($23.99)
  • Control (Pre-Order) – $18.99 ($28.99)
  • Outward – $5.99 ($19.99)
  • Metro Exodus – $39.99 ($49.99)
  • Phoenix Point (Pre-Order) – $8.99 ($18.99)

UPDATE 21/5/19: Several games have been removed from the Epic Games Store temporarily.

If you pre-ordered (before May 16th) or bought a game (from May 2nd-15th) and that game is discounted on the Epic Mega Sale, you get refunded automatically. Check the FAQ for proper details on how it is handled.