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Enjoy The Spectacle, Detroit: Become Human Out On May 25th


What is the meaning of life, when you are an android? Quantic Dream’s upcoming adventure game Detroit: Become Human now has a release date. If you are not familiar with the French team’s work, there have been doing adventure games with grandiose and seemingly heavy themes for more than 20 years, with various degrees of quality.

Detroit should follow the same formula. Players will get to be play from four different perspectives, all tackling the issue of the how androids should be treated in this future world. Expect very dramatic looking people being all dramatic, some domestic violence,  choices that (may or may not) matter, a serious riot and wonky controls.

Detroit: Become Human will be out on May 25th exclusively on the PS4.

UPDATE 2/3/18: Playstation Asia has also announced the price point for Detroit. The standard edition will start at RM209 on PS Store Asia with physical versions retailing from RM229.