Embrace Darkness In The Next Destiny 2 Expansion Coming This September

Destiny 2 is getting another expansion (with two more already confirmed). Titled Beyond Light, players will be going to the new destination, the icy lands of Europa.

Following the events of Shadowkeep (and the four seasons of content included), players will be facing a new threat teased before.

Beyond Light will be adding a new elemental power on top of the available Arc, Solar and Void- Statis. If the three is based on the power of Light, Statis comes from Darkness, and each class will have a different way of using this new element.

Alongside that, expect new exotic gear and a new raid- Deep Stone Crypt, being added in Beyond: Light.

Here’s a bit of “gameplay” showing the Europa location.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light launches on September 22 on PS4, PC (Steam), Xbox One and Stadia. When the Year 4 expansion arrives, expect to see some previous destinations being retired into the Destiny Content Vault with new ones being added.


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