Destiny 2 Will Bring Back Destiny 1 Content And Cycle Others Out As Bungie Commits To Three More Years Of Expansions

Bungie has not only unveiled its next and final season as part of Destiny 2 Shadowkeep expansion, but also a new expansion and a new content model to keep the game supported until 2023.

Bungie has hit a hard limit on adding more and more content being made available for any time- not only from the ever-expanding file size (every year of content updates has been adding roughly 25GB) but also the workload to test them out and ensure everything is working. And the developers don’t want to make a Destiny 3.

As such, there will be a new content model, where destination locations (including all the strikes, raids, and campaign quests related to the locations) will be cycling in and out of the Destiny Content Vault (DCV). This will happen during each expansion release.

Exotics tied to destinations can still be earned in other ways, and multiplayer maps still follows the same curation model as before.

For Beyond Light, a lot of locations ( Io, Titan, Mercury, Mars, and Leviathan) are getting retired to the vault to make room for the new Europa location and to set up for the future, but Bungie assured that in future seasons the number of content getting into the DCV will be much less.

The good news, the DCV includes all Destiny 1 content as well. When Beyond Light launches, the Cosmodrome (seen in the Destiny 2 New Light intro for new characters) will be an explorable location, with the Will of Crota strike returning. Sometime during Season 13, the Cosmodrome will be updated to be in full parity as we’ve seen in Destiny 1, alongside the rest of the strikes returning.

Destiny 1’s first raid, Vault Of Glass, will be coming in Year 4- as in, next year.

The image featured above is how the map looks like when Beyond Light launches on September 22. The EDZ, Nessus, Tangled Shore, Dreaming City and Moon will still be available, joining Europa and Cosmodrome.

It’s cool that Bungie is being so frank in explaining the need to retire some content for now. A reduction in bloat to focus on what’s hot this season means that Destiny 2 is now more of a living game- an action MMO as Bungie now calls it- than ever.

So don’t expect a Destiny 3 coming soon, Destiny 2 will be sticking around for a long while.

Source: Bungie


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