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Election Campaign Simulator Political Animals Is 50% Off This Week

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Politics, right? It’s almost election season in Malaysia and coincidentally, the indie election simulator Political Animals is on sale.

Developed by Filipino-based Squeaky Wheel, Political Animals is actually a deep simulator despite its rather colourful and cartoony look. Pick your party and staff and engage in a political campaign where you can play it as clean or as dirty as the real elections you see out there.

From buying votes to using the religion card, Political Animals will not limit your options as you sway the voters in short bursts of 1-2 hours for each campaign. With such possibilities, would you still play by the rules to ensure free and fair elections (despite your competitor doing the opposite) or will you be tempted to bend the rules to ensure victory?

The game is published by Positech Games, a small brand known for their rather excellent government management game Democracy 3.

In addition, Squeeky Wheel’s newest game,¬†Academia : School Simulator, is also on a discount. You can pick up both games for RM35.02 as a bundle. Politcal Animals is RM15.50 on Steam until April 23rd.