E3 2019: Watch Dogs Legion Made Driver: San Francisco’s Bizarre Body Switch Mechanic Look Awesome

Watch Dogs Legion might have leaked early, but what they showed on the Ubisoft E3 conference still looks impressive. The open world game with hacking now takes the gimmick of hacking and purveying any NPC’s personal information to the next level: take control of them.

The Watch Dogs sequel this time goes across the pond to a near-future London where government surveillance is now mandated. Yet the scrappy hacking group of DeadSec is operating there, recruiting their legion of army to take down the authoritarian government.

There’s no main playable protagonist in Watch Dogs Legion. Your pool of playable operatives is all recruitable from the London streets to your own liking. As mentioned on the E3 conference stage, you can recruit only ex-MI5 agents as your DeadSec squads. Or a meme group of strong, angry nannies. Or anything in-between. You will need to do an origin story to recruit them first, and there is permadeath.

You can swap between your pool of characters quickly, and there is optional co-op up to four players, with progress from the single-player and online shared.

Should the whole NPC-recruiting gameplay has enough variety (i.e. you don’t see repeats of the same archetype of characters too often) this could be a game-changer. Finally, the body switching mechanic like the one from Ubisoft’s Driver: Francisco (as well a few other games) not only makes sense in this game, but also looks mighty awesome.

Watch Dogs Legion will be out on PS4, PC (Epic Games Store, UPlay), Xbox One and Stadia on March 6th 2020. On PC, Watch Dogs Legion will support DirectX Ray Tracing and other Nvidia RTX tech.


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