All The Game Announcements From The Ubisoft E3 2019 Conference

Ubisoft had some big leaks leading up to E3 2019, so some of the surprise reveals didn’t get the reaction it could have gotten. Still, there’s a good lineup of games being showcased here, all making sense why they exist.

Here are all the game announcements from the Ubisoft E3 2019 conference.

Watch Dogs Legion

The big new open world game is more ambitious than ever. Set in London, you take control of anyone. Though you have to recruit them to join DeadSec first. And there’s a big variety of NPCs you can take control of- including old nannies. If any of them dead, they will be permanently dead but you can always recruit more into your pool of playable characters.

And they all have voice-overs, and can take part in any of the story missions.

Watch Dogs Legion will be out in March 2020 for the PS4, PC and Xbox One.

Rainbow Six Siege

The still-popular and now-excellent shooter Rainbow Six Siege gets a short trailer to remind everyone the new operaion- Phantom Sight- is now live.

Adventure Time X Brawlhalla

Jake The Dog and Finn The Human are now guest characters to the free-to-play platform fighter Brawlhalla. They are out now.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint

More footage of the sequel to Ghost Recon Wildlands’ new villain played by Jon Bernthal. He also appeared on stage with a dog, for some reason. Not that we’re complaining.

They are also launching the Ghost Recon Delta Company, a program for content creators- from cosplayers, fan fiction writers, to the usual video editors and streamers to more hardcore players with many feedback on their chests, there’s something for anyone to contribute.

There’s also some Terminator content teased.

The game will be out on October 4th for PS4, PC, Xbox One and Google Stadia. A beta is slated to be held on September 5th.

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad

All of the operatives in the Tom Clancy universe collide as a strategy game for mobile. Assemble a team of all-star cast, from Rainbow Six to Ghost Recon to even Sam Fisher of Splinter Cell and take down whatever is needed taking down.

Just Dance 2020

The conference didn’t open with a musical number, but there is still a musical number for Just Dance. The game is now 10 years old and is celebrating its achievements the community has done this far.

The new Just Dance game will be out in November on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Wii (yep) and Google Stadia.

For Honor

A new in-game event, Shadows OF The Hitokiri is now live. This includes a new game mode, Soul Rush. The event will run until June 27th.

Rainbow Six Quarantine

A new PVE, co-op based Rainbow Six shooter. Developed by an all-new team at Ubisoft Montreal, it’s a three-player shooter where you have to survive a mysterious threat that is infecting human hosts.

If Siege is PVP, Quarantine will do the same quality of game for PVE.

The Division 2

A few new tidbits of updates were shared. The co-op RPG looter shooter is having a free weekend from June 13th-16th. A new update will see players journey outside of the Washington D.C. map.

Episode 1 will be out in July where you go to the jungle, and fight in a zoo. Episode 2 will be out in fall where you visit the Pentagon, now fallen under the control of the Black Tusk. So you have to reclaim that back. Plus, the second raid will be added in this episode.

The final episode, Episode 3, the last for Year 1 of content, is teased here, coming early 2020:


Ubisoft is also joining the subscription craze with UPlay+. This is available on PC, with 100+ games available with the subscription program for $14.99USD (roughly RM62) per month.

With UPlay not supporting local currency for Southeast Asia, don’t expect to see this coming soon to our region just yet. The service goes live in September, with early signups getting to try it out for free.

Next year, UPlay+ is also be available on Stadia, Google’s game streaming platform.

Roller Champions

A new, fictional sports games about rollerbladers grabbing balls, dribbling at 100mph on banked arenas and dunk the ball on side-way mounted goals. So a game taking racing and sports element together in some interesting way. Or essentially, a Rocket League competitor.

It is free-to-play, and a demo is available on UPlay right now.

Gods & Monsters

The team behind Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has a new IP, and a full-on fantasy RPG. Gods & Monsters is based on Greek mythology, features bring and pastel colours and will be out on February 25th, 2020.


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