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Watch Dogs Legion Leaked, Then Confirmed, Ahead Of E3 2019


Apparently, the third Watch Dogs was leaked ahead of time. Yesterday, a now-removed Amazon UK listing had the title appeared in its listing with a description of the game.

Watch Dogs Legion is set in a near-future post-Brexit London, a city with the highest surveillance in the world.

As for gameplay, it detailed that you can “play as anyone”. As in, you can take control of any NPC. Previous Watch Dogs let you pry and get details of any standing NPC. So Watch Dogs Legion might go the extra mile, going for out-of-body character control mechanic seen in Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, The 3rd Birthday and Ubisoft’s own Driver: San Francisco.

Not long after, the Watch Dogs Twitter account essentially confirmed all of this is real. A header and name change plus a single tweet confirmed all of this to be real.

Ubisoft’s E3 showcase will be held on June 11, 4AM Malaysian Time (+8GMT) . Find more about the rest of the E3 press conference schedule and what time it’s on for Malaysia in our handy guide here.