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E3 2018: Battlefield V Will Have A Battle Royale Mode

Battlefield Royale?


Battlefield V was announced to have a battle royale mode at EA Play this morning. Simply called Royale.

While they mentioned it will be coming, details are scant. DICE confirmed that it will have the same destruction, team play and vehicle use in the core Battlefield V game. They will be ready to talk about it later this year.

Outisde of that, Battlefield V showcased its multiplayer trailer. The big mode this time is Grand Operations, where players will go through several maps and modes, with each victory or defeat impacting the start of the next round. This includes a brand new mode called Airborne where the attacker will be deploying out of aeroplanes and attampt to destory a group of artillery cannons.

The end of each Grand Operations will culminate into a Final Stand where there is no respawns and how much ammo a faction has depend on their performance throughout the Operations.

Battlefield V will be out on October 19th for the PS4, PC and Xbox One.