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E3 2018: Anthem Releasing In February 22nd


Bioware’s latest IP Anthem now has a release date. The action RPG with very similar elements to Destiny, Monster Hunter and Mass Effect Andromeda has a big showing at the end of EA Play which shared more of the premise and gameplay mechanics involved.

The world of Anthem is was supposed built by the gods, but did not completely finished, resulting in an unstable world where cataclysms are occurring, corrupting those that tried to wield “the power of the Anthem”. As a result, humanity crafted the Javelin exosuits as a means of survival.

You play as a freelancer who can have control of these exosuits that acts as a class type, but being suits you can switch classes anytime you want.

Anthem will feature a hub world where you explore on your own in the first person, meeting characters and learning more about the world, and then venture outside the hub into the lush world, embarking on missions or just explore the open world with up to three other players for co-op. There will be no loot boxes and no buy-to-win options. Only cosmetic items for microtransactions. It will be a living world- i.e. it’s a service game with content added over time, similar to Destiny.

Anthem will be out on February 22nd for the PS4, PC and Xbox One.