Dragon Age Dreadwolf Now Called Dragon Age: The Veilguard – Gameplay Unveils Next Week

Looks like Bioware’s next Dragon Age game will not be part of any of the summer showcases, as it’s preparing a gameplay reveal on June 11, next week, showing over 15 minutes of Dragon Age: The Veilguard.

Oh, and the Dragon Age 4 isn’t titled Dragon Age Dreadwolf anymore. Rather it’s now called Dragon Age The Veilguard.

The purple motifs from the previous logo is carried over, and the Dread Wolf, the antagonist figure as previously set up in Dragon Age Inquisition 10 years ago, is still in the game.

Developer Bioware explained the name change in the blog post, saying : “you and your companions – not your enemies – are the heart of this new experience.”

The blog post also revealed that The Veilguard will feature seven companion characters which you, the unique hero, will get to bond and make decisions that impact relationships. A typical feature for Dragon Age (and Mass Effect) but it’s good that that’s confirmed.

So if Dragon Age Origins has you be a Grey Warden, Dragon Age II has you be Hawke, and Dragon Age Inquisition stars the Inquisitor reestablishing The Inquisition, surely Dragon Age: The Veilguard will have you be part of the eponymous group? Interesting to change the title after revealing it so early. The name was last used in official media for a short trailer revealed on N7 Day last November.

The gameplay reveal trailer for Dragon Age: The Veilguard will go live on the Dragon Age YouTube channel on June 11, 8 AM PT (11 AM Malaysia Time, +8 GMT).

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