Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Development Reaches Alpha – Playable From Start To Finish

Some good news for fans of Dragon Age. The upcoming new entry, now called Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, has now reached its alpha milestone, developer Bioware announced.

The upcoming RPG is now in a state where it’s playable from start to finish.

That said, it’s still far from complete. The blog post outlines some of the things on the to-do list of what’s still being worked on for Dreadwolf:

  • “bringing visual fidelity to its final form”
  • “iterating on gameplay features”
  • “evaluate the game’s pacing” (relationships, player progression, story cohesion)
  • “iterate and polish on the things that matter most to our fans”

The blog post also confirmed that Minrathous, the capital of the Tevinter Empire, is a place you do get to visit in Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. The location has been referenced previously in past titles.

There is no target release date yet for Dragon Age: Dreadwolf.

Source: EA

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