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Don’t Expect A Full GT Campaign In Gran Turismo Sport


When Gran Turismo Sport was first announced, one big question mark was why was it not labelled as a new numbered sequel. The emphasis on online racing, with dedicated servers for races in Sport mode should be a big sign, but it will also scale down the content size- with around 170+ cars and 20+ tracks.

With these new screenshots of Gran Turismo Sport (via GTPlanet), it looks like we have more evidence why it isn’t not considered a numbered title. All of the main GT games have a sprawling campaign where you work your way from winning the Sunday Cup to gaining racing licences and then compete in faster cars on harder events- including rally and endurance events. For GT Sport, the campaign is a condensed version of the experience, without the races against the AI. These details were available last year, but after seeing the screenshots and what the events consist of, we can safely say it’s a more stripped-down version of a campaign seen in previous numbered titles.

The focus of the Campaign mode is all about improving your driving abilities and is broken into four parts -Driving School, Circuit Experience, Mission Challenge and Racing Etiquette.  48 challenges are part of the Driving School where you learn the basics of driving- which serves as the licence tests equivalent. Mission Challenge will put you against the AI in specific situations with some challenges only uses part of the track. Circuit Experience focuses on time trials specific sections of the track which will culminate in a time trial for the full circuit. Racing Etiquette is at is says on the title- it will provide challenges that should teach you the do’s and don’ts of racing. All these challenges should help you prepare for Sport mode, the online component and the main attraction for GT Sport.

While we won’t get a lengthy campaign with themed races like we used to, there is still hope. Races in Arcade Mode will earn you credits and there should be enough variables to recreate the races you would see in a proper GT campaign.

For those planning to get Gran Turismo Sport once it arrives this October 17, set your expectations a bit lower than usual when it comes to single-player content.

Gran Turismo Sport will be playable at PSX SEA this weekend at KL Life at Live Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.