Disintegration Is Part FPS, Part RTS From The Co-Creator Of Halo, Technical Beta Sign-Ups Are Now Open

But not for Southeast Asia

Disintegration is the new game by V1 Interactive, a new studio made up of AAA game developers founded by Marcus Lehto, the co-creator of Halo. The game is part FPS where you fly above ground on the gravcycle and shoot stuff from there. It’s also part RTS as you can command troops down below.

It was first revealed back at gamescom 2019.

Right now, Disintegration is opening up sign-ups for its upcoming technical beta test which will be conducted on PS4, PC and Xbox One.

You can sign up at this link here.

Unfortunately, the beta is not available for Southeast Asia. You could sign up and declare yourself from another country but we recommend against doing so. For now, let’s just wait should they consider opening up the beta over in this region. This is still a small team, funded by Private Division, not a major AAA game.

No release date is available for Disintegration, or even the date of the technical beta. But expect the beta to drop sometime this year.

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