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DICE Ending Battlefield 1’s Monthly Updates

A truce on content updates


Battlefield 1 developers DICE will wind up development of new updates coming to Battlefield 1 by June 2018, a blog post confirms. The WWI FPS launched in October 2016, two years ago.

DICE has released the last expansion for the game, Apocalypse, and has laid down its final plans for new content coming to the game. First up is making maps previously exclusive to those that bought the They Shall Not Pass DLC available to everyone. The Rupture map will be the first, available now, with more to come by next month.

The other is a brand new mode called Shock Operations, a 40-player mode where it plays similar to the already available Operations mode, but with only one map. It has shorter game length and also let players play in maps originally only available as part of the Battlefield 1 Premium Pass.

Servers for the game will remain to operate, so the game can still be played for the foreseeable future, until the servers waves the white flag.

DICE has been regularly shipped a game each year- a Battlefield game and a Star Wars Battlefront game every two years. 2018 will be the year for a new Battlefield based on the pattern of past releases. There has been rumours and leaks about a new Battlefield game, which allegedly will also have a battle royale mode, but we shall wait until E3 arrives- the likeliest time publisher EA will start talking about it.

Source: Battlefield Via PCGamesN