We Talked About Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, GTA Roleplay And More Things That Appeal To Furries In The Latest Episode Of dia.log – The Gamer Matters Podcast

The last of this year’s Ramadan episode is wild. We bring in potential-vTuber Irham to the panel to judge if Wam’s a furry as he talks about furry animals. Meanwhile, Danial has played a You And Me And Her ahead of the Steam release and continues his roleplay server investigation. This time in GTA V. Meck played an unexpected Tony Hawk game ahead of the new Tony Hawk game announcement, conveniently enough. And Anan’s not happy with Zoom.

Ramadan is ending, Eid and summer is coming, and the world seems to be getting a bit better. Now’s a good time for video games. Especially ones with air dashes.

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