We Talked About Final Fantasy VII Remake, Fallout 76, And A Cursed Way Of Eating Roti Canai In The Latest Episode Of Dia.log – The Gamer Matters Podcast

Your four horsemen of the Apamcalypse has returned with a new episode. Wam has a sanity check as we continue to stay at home. Meck played a tad of Guilty Gear and somehow became a believer of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Meanwhile, Anan opens the floor for us to talk about the horrors of Specs Ops: The Line. And Danial unleashed the most unholy of knowledge to the masses, and it’s not Fallout 76- though that did happen too. Reset the clock.

Take a look at your roti canai, or your roti milo, and think: Do you feel like a hero now?

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