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We Got Excited For Borderlands 3, Got Depressed Thanks To Anthem And Talked More Warframe On dia.log – The Gamer Matters Podcast

"Cyber" is so 90's


On this episode of dia.log – The Gamer Matters Podcast, we have Meck outlining some tips if you want to buy a gaming laptop. Danial has been having fun with Origin Access, the game subscription service by EA. And dia.cast is back to discuss the roller coaster that is the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Wam didn’t play any games so he talked about more manga and the new Ultraman show on Netflix… before slowly realising he did play other games and decided to talk about it more. Like Warframe, which Anan played a lot too.

But to top the show, everyone here is excited for Borderlands 3 finally get announced. Though that all stopped when we discussed the development woes of Anthem, which explains a lot of why the game is as is.

Also: we said the word “cyber” this year: a dated word in the world of video games.

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