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We Talked About Too Many Games In The Latest Episode Of dia.log- The Gamer Matters Podcast



The penultimate episode of this season’s dia.log- The Gamer Matters Podcast is here. And as we wrapped our first season of podcasting, our past sins and technical issues cropped up again.

In this episode, Wam spent time in internet jail for his hot take, got Smash (Bros. Ultimate) and watched a Pikachu parade at the Pokemon Festival. Meanwhile, trash connoisseur Daniel regrets playing Fallout 76, lamented the state of the Mario Kart of motorsport and some concerns over the new Epic Games Store.

Anan at least had fun, playing Bloodborne from the start again. Until he discovered how his shipment of Overwatch League jerseys were costing too much thanks to taxes. And he casted Aeroga. Lastly, Meck defected to team ASUS, says no to underage underboob, regretted namedropping someone to the crew, and played Monster Hunter: World.

And thanks to the many, many game announcements, this is another two-hour treat. Happy holidays! And may we all repent from our sins for (allegedly) not wearing pants. But most important of all, Thank You Fortnite.

You can catch the episode 021 of dia.log – The Gamer Matters Podcast on YouTube here:

Here is the audio-only version on Anchor. You can also listen to it via the Anchor app which allows you to skip certain segments of the podcast:

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