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Devil May Cry 3 Gets Local Co-Op


The upcoming remake of Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition for Nintendo Switch is getting local co-operative play, announced Capcom today.


In a tweet by the Devil May Cry twitter account (@DevilMayCry), Producer Matt Walker announced that the game’s Bloody Palace would feature Co-op play, a first for the series.

In this co-op mode players play as Dante and Vergil, tackling the missions of Bloody Palace together.

This follows news of other big changes to Devil May Cry 3, including the addition of a radial weapon wheel and Style switching, a feature not added for Dante until Devil May Cry 4.

The Devil May Cry games haven’t exactly always been shy of co-op, however, as the first instance of multiplayer was in the original Devil May Cry 3 where players could plug in a second controller while Dante’s Doppelganger style was active, allowing control of the avatar.

The second instance of co-op wouldn’t be added until Devil May Cry V’s “Cameo system” which allowed players to feature in each other’s games, as well as a full on cooperative mission in the game.

Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition’s co-op mode supports split joycons, and the game releases February 20th, 2020.