Deckbuilding Meets Turn-Based Fisticuffs In Fight In Tight Spaces, Releasing On Early Access Next Week

How do you make the action of very tight action sequences fun as a video games? There’s the straight-forward “make an action game” method, and there’s the “let’s break it down into a slower-paced mechanic and speed up the result” method.

Fight In Tight Spaces is the latter. You will be literally be fighting in tight spaces, but to pull of the well-choreographied fisticuffs like you see in action movies, the game blends turn-based tactics together with deck-building mechanics.

There will be 150 cards to build your deck around, and there can be random encounters (like a rougelite), enhancements and injuries you can pick up and choices to make to keep on fighting.

Fight In Tight Spaces is currently on the Xbox Game Preview program for Xbox One since last November. Now it’s gearing up for an Early Access launch for PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, GOG) next week.

If the idea of Superhot but for fisticuffs and deck-building sounds like your kind of jam, Fight In Tight Spaces will launch on Early Access on February 24.

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