Death’s Gambit Announces Free Update With Big Changes To The Game

If you love your metroidvanias you may want to consider getting Death’s Gambit, which has announced a free update for the game.

The Dark Souls-inspired side scroller announced via a tumblr post the game would be getting a free update that contains reworked bosses, new bosses, abilities and boss weapons.

Also being added are abilities like a double jump and a “crash” attack, a la Ducktales.

“Both of these are part of a group of abilities we are calling “Metroidvania” upgrades,” they said in a tumblr post.

“You will obtain these as you progress through the game”.

Though no timeline has been given for the release of the update, the developers have said it’s currently in the polish phase of development.

Death’s Gambit released in August of 2017, after being in development and being playable at shows like PAX.

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