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Darksiders Genesis Announced – Diablo-Like Action RPG Spin-Off Featuring Strife


THQNordic’s second of three pre-E3 game announcements is a spin-off to Darksiders. Darksiders Genesis is a Diablo-like action RPG and will feature the last of the Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse in the Darksiders universe playable- the gun-wielding Strife.

He is joined by War- the playable character from the first game to take down Lucifer. The game takes place before the events of Darksiders.

Interestingly, this is developed by Airship Syndicate. It’s the developers of Battlechasers Nightwar and founded by Darksiders’ original creator Joe Madureira.

Despite the top-down perspective, there will still be elements of a typical Darksiders including exploration and puzzle-solving. You can see a glimpse of the familiar pole-hopping traversal still intact in Genesis.

The game includes local and online co-op multiplayer. Solo players can swap between Strife and War.

No release date was given yet, but expect to see Darksiders Genesis on PS4. PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Stadia.

Before this, THQNordic revealed that they are faithfully remaking (or remastering) Spongebob SquarePants: Battle For Bikini Bottom.