Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion Releasing On December 13

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion, the remaster/”reimagining” of the prequel to Final Fantasy VII first released on PSP, now has a release date.

Crisis Core FFVII Reunion will be released on all modern platforms- including Xbox Switch. Expect the next-gen consoles (PS5, Xbox Series) to target 60fps, with the Series S to receive a day-1 patch to enable it targeting 60fps.

Meanwhile, the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions are targeting 30fps. The PC version can target up to 120fps.

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII tells the tale of Zack Fair, a promising SOLDIER on a mission with his mentor Angeal and fellow SOLDIER Sephiroth to investigate the mass disappearance of SOLDIERs.

The combat is a mix of action-RPG but with an Active Time Battle gauge and the slot-machine-esque Digitial Mind Wave system.

This new release, Reunion, not only has it received a graphical overhaul and full voice-over treatment, the gameplay has also been tightened up compared to the original PSP release.

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion will be out on December 13 for the PS4, PS5, PC (Steam), Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch.

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