Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Getting A Remaster, Releasing On PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, PC

You know Gongaga? If you do, you’d be happy to know that Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII, the PSP exclusive action RPG is getting a remastered release. It’s called Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion

The original Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII follows the adventure of Zack Fair, a young and ambitious Shinra SOLDIER set seven years before the events of Final Fantasy VII. He’s like Cloud that he lugs around a huge buster sword and sports a stylish spiky hairstyle, but less broody and sillier.

In his journey of tracking down an AWOL SOLDIER (that happens to have the appearance of the Japanese celebrity Gackt), Zack will be uncovering the wild things they do at Shinra, as well as meeting some of the cast of FFVII including Cloud, Sephiroth, Aerith and Tifa.

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion is a remaster, not a remake, so expect the same original game in terms of content and story. But the remaster will be bringing a graphical overhaul, a remastered soundtrack by original composer Takeharu Ishimoto, updated UI and an updated combat system where the controls and camera will see some improvements.

The core of Crisis Core’s combat, the use of an Active Time Battle gauge and the slot-machine-esque Digitial Mind Wave mechanic remain intact.

Also, all the dialogue will be fully voiced this time.

Interestingly, this HD remaster and prequel to FFVII is not a PlayStation exclusive. So PC, Nintendo and even Xbox fans can have a taste of FFVII via Crisis Core Reunion.

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion will be out “this winter” (end of 2022 at the earliest) available on PS4, PS5, PC (

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