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Code Vein – Review

Easier Version of Dark Souls but Better for Anime Fans


It is another souls game that is released this year, but with a twist of being anime-fied despite one of the developer themselves quoting that –

Tomizawa: We took quite some time until we arrived at this [kind of] picture-making. It’s neither anime-style nor realistic. There is an intention to build uniqueness in a presentation that’s made in Japan, in the Game CG genre.

But we all had to disagree on that, it’s definitely in anime kind of game category. I have been waiting for this game ever since they announce Code Vein will be delayed and further release in 2019. Thus, here we are with high enthusiasm to create our waifu into the immortal world where death is your best friend while losing a portion of memory just cause why not.


Straight up starting the game in the main menu, the orchestral music absolutely shatter my eardrums alas, its a pure music. Grinding throughout the game massacring undead called Lost, the music definitely brings out the game.

My personal favorite OST sang by Saori Hayami

The game was developed on Unreal Engine 4 where it will focus on game physics to give a boost in a sense of realism. The graphics on PC are outstanding. The map is very well detailed and small amount needed to backtrack in each map. However, each map is very straightforward, literally walk straight and you will find your way, unlike any other soul game where you multiple routes can be taken to explore the map.

Character Creation

The best character creation ever existed until the year 2019. It feels like modding your car back in NFS Underground 2. Everything is available and the only limitation is our creativity. A lot of people in the Code Vein community flexing their character/waifu either it’s based on the hot subject of anime/game characters. This feature alone is worth the delay.

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Definitely one of the best RPG character creation out there.


Each movement that the character made has this small window for wind up but it only took us a few hours to get used to it. Despite the game fluidity in their controls, there are 5 main weapons which are, swords (one-handed), big sword (two-handed), a short sword with a long handle (spears, halberd, and polearm), a rifle with a short knife (bayonet rifles) and the bonkers (two-handed hammer). Plus, the body armors are very unique and each to their own.

Stats buff aside, this is Fashion Souls: Killing Enemy in Style.

Upgrading the pieces of equipment are relatively easy but trying to have them enchanted is the hardest part unless. . . .

Abilities are complex and there are many class codes where each of them provides different base stats. Depending on your playstyle, each code has its unique skills that can only be used in that particular class. Making some class, overpowering the other when you have the correct build. Despite the need for making the meta build, players have absolute freedom to do various combat styles varied from melee build, range build, caster build, one-shotter, etc.

Multiplayer exists but, it’s too much of a hassle. Not worth the time.

Content [ Light Spoilers For God Eater Series ]

The flow of story content isn’t the pleasing but the developer added a bit of spice in the Code Vein storyline. Code Vein is the prequel of God Eater 3 but in another unknown region. Since Code Vein world is covered by Red Mist where there is a storyline in God Eater as the Aragami is evolved to a greater being when exposed to the Red Mist which theoretically, enhanced the blood power of revenants in Code Vein into the Aragami. However, in God Eater 2, an antagonist of the story found the blood technique which is implemented in God Eaters, thus, we can safely assume that the timeline is in between God Eater 2 and God Eater 3.

Despite all those nonsense that was spouted, the game actual story is very plain. You go and hit big boss > they are related with our comrades > go save them > do it again till you found a mad scientist who just wants to escape the Red Mist and explore the outer world after facing the Great Destruction.

I guess being kept as a cage can make anybody go crazy, even immortals. Ironically that scientist’s research partner is the one who set up the Red Mist. Oh, how everything is circulated only between these people.

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The game has 4 endings where certain criteria are required to be fulfilled to unlock the type of ending you’ll be seeing.

Personal Enjoyment

I have been grinding soulslike games a lot this year and my opinion is kind of indifferent towards souls game but with our waifu as a playable character, death is just a fast recall. In spite of going through typical Bandai Namco mediocre storytelling until the climax of the game, it’s okay.

Moreover, I’ve spent more than 4 hours just to see and experience the unique idle animations while being in the home base. 100% worth the time.

I play this game more than once. Enjoyable indeed while acknowledging that death is our friend.


Code Vein is an okay, albeit easy soulslike game. If you’re more of an anime fan, the in-depth character customisation and flashy combat will get you hooked. And tolerate the rather predictable story. If you’re a soulslike fan, the game’s simple map design and relatively easier gameplay can be a turn-off.

Code Vein is more for anime fans that want to dabble with soulslike, rather than anime Dark Souls.

Played on PC. Review Copy purchased by the Reviewer.



Code Vein

Easier Version of Dark Souls but Better for Anime Fans

  • Presentation 6
  • Gameplay 8
  • Content 5
  • Personal Enjoyment 7