Civilization VI October 2020 Update Now Live, Adds Pirates Scenario For Free

Civilization VI’s game update for October 2020 has now arrived. Alongside some balance changes is a new scenario mode, Pirates.

Inspired by Sid Meier’s Pirates, Pirates is 1-4 player scenario where you play as one of four pirate factions plundering loot from ships and cities, build up fleets, build infamy and collect powerful Relics. It’s only 60 turns long and as expected, focused on naval gameplay.

Alongside the four playable pirate factions are four AI civs (Spain, Netherlands, England, and France) and buccaneers (this scenario’s barbarians) that roam the map.

There is one pre-built map, Carribean Islands, that should be familiar to Sid Meier’s Pirates fans, and also a random map option.

The full patch notes can be found here.

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