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Cities: Skylines’ Next Expansion Lets You Build Beautiful And Functional Parks


Cities: Skylines’ next expansion may not sound as enticing at first glance like the Mass Transit or Going Green before this, but it shows how developers Colossal Order are integrating ideas from current players into the game. Cities: Skylines Parklife allows you to create bigger and free-form parks- be it amusement parks, city parks, zoos or natural reserves within your cities.

You see, parks are already there in Cities: Skylines, but beautiful ones seen on  YouTube videos are just pure aesthetics without giving gameplay benefits whilst the ploppable, gameplay benefiting parks can get samey quick, even if you add a ton of custom mods and assets in. Parklife allows you to create those beautiful free-form parks and then assign them as a park district, which has their own policies you can enforce, brings benefits such as a happiness boost, and can be leveled up like zonal buildings. It hits the happy middle ground between the two different playstyles.

The paths used for parks can now have props placed beside it. There’s also a sightseeing bus line you can create in the parks as well.

There’s also Parklife Plus which adds a new radio station.

Cities: Skylines Parklife will be out for PC on May 25th. As usual, even if you choose to not buy the expansion, expect a free update that adds some changes to the base game to come alongside it.