Checkmate Kings From The Past, Present And Alternate Timelines In 5D Chess With Multiverse Time Traveling

Chess has always been chess. But there’s been silly variants available, like Chess 2. However, this is the most mind-boggling variant of Chess to be released yet.

5D Chess With Multiverse Time Traveling is exactly what it says. Alongside the 2 spatial dimensions that is in on a traditional chess board, the game also adds in temporal and parallel dimension. What this means is that you can send a rook in the past to make a check. Or save a king in the past out of check by moving them into the present so you have a board with two kings.

The chessboards of a match will diverge into multiple timelines/parallel universes if you push a chess piece in the past, avoiding time paradoxes. So if the current timeline doesn’t look good for a victory chance, you can push the game onto another timeline.

Memes about playing 4D chess are a thing. But now you can play 5D chess for real.

5D Chess With Multiverse Time Traveling includes a puzzle mode, a practice mode (including local hotseat multiplayer), CPU mode where you play against the AI and Online mode. The chessboard also comes in different configurations including a smaller 6×6 board too.

5D Chess With Multiverse Time Travelling is out now on PC (Steam, Humble).

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