Catherine Classic Now Available On PC (Steam) For RM85


Sega continues its commitment to bring its games, particularly the ones made by its Japanese developers, to PC. And the next game getting the treatment is horror-puzzler with adult life drama Catherine.

For those that are not aware, the game was originally made by the team behind the Persona series for the PS3 and Xbox 360. You are Vincent, who is now at a crossroads of either marrying his long-time girlfriend Katherine, or continue to two-timing her with another girl he met at his usual bar Catherine.

Apparently, those that are not loyal in their relationship are now found dead in their sleep, and Vincent now suffers nightmares where he has to escape from the horrors by doing block puzzles. Those block puzzles are good and complex enough there’s a tournament scene around them.

Sega has been hinting that Catherine is coming to PC for some time. All of the games on Steam that is made by its Japanese developers have been posting pictures of sheep. (Here, here, here and here)

However, this is not Catherine: Full Body, a new release developed by Studio Zero with new content coming to PS4 and PS Vita next month. This has to be the regular case of having the localisation process starts after the game is done in Japanese, something Sega wants to change in the future.

But hey, if you have not played Catherine yet, it’s RM85 on Steam.


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