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Thanks To Strong Sales In The West And Capable Localisation Team, Sega To Prioritise Simultaneous Worldwide Releases

Thank god, we're getting there


It’s hard being a fan of Sega games made in Japan where some titles take some time to release in the West. Even worse for fans in Asia who don’t speak traditional Chinese, as the games are available here in the region but left waiting for an English release.

Sega is thankfully are going to change that. In the latest financial report (which also highlights them reducing overtime work), Sega is committed to bring its games’ localisation faster, with the goal to have simultaneous, worldwide releases.

“No matter if a game is popular in Japan, it is unlikely to win over fans around the world if the localisation is insufficient,” the report reads.

Thanks to Sega now owning Atlus which has a good localisation team in the US, Sega is now confident with this approach. Sales of Persona 5 more than doubled, over 2.2 million units in total, after its English release.

The recent resurgence of popularity of the Yakuza series to it, Yakuza 6 sales in the West is as many as the ones in Japan too.

“The unit sales of Ryu ga Gotoku [Yakuza] overseas were only around several tens of thousand until not that long ago,” said Yakuza series creator Toshihiro Nagoshi.

” Recently, however, overseas unit sales have begun to increase as the product’s reputation builds. The appeal of the product, which is the fruit of thoroughgoing efforts in Japan, is spreading over time.”

Before this, some games made by Sega would only begin localisation after the game is completed and ready for release in Japan. Moving forward, the localisation team will have access to the game content for them to work on so it can be ready for a simultaneous worldwide release.

This is all good news. The Yakuza game series recently received a resurgence with multiple releases in English in the span of two years, enough for English-speaking fans to catch up on all of the series’ backlog.

More recently, the new game by the Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio, the Yakuza-like Project Judge, was announced for the West alongside its Japanese announcement, which is a huge step forward.

Source: Sega

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