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Burnout Spiritual Successor Dangerous Driving Is Out Now And It Looks Unashamedly Like Burnout


If you are pining for the good old days of good arcade racing games like Burnout, maybe that day has come. Dangerous Driving, the latest game by Three Fields Entertainment, is out now.

This is the indie team founded by the co-founders of Criterion, which did the Burnout games. And Dangerous Driving is a spiritual successor to the staple arcade racer.

Not only it plays like Burnout (boosts, takedowns and pre-Burnout 3 boost-chaining are all here), it looks and sounds like Burnout. Those takedown dings and UI looks way too reminiscent of Burnout 3!

Have a look at its launch trailer here:

Dangerous Driving is out now on PS4 (but not on PS Store Asia), PC (Epic Games Store) and Xbox One.