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Build Your Own Car From Scratch In Automation, Then Export It To BeamNG Drive For A Test Drive


Automation is a PC game about creating your own car company, which includes a rather in-depth car customisation as you have to design one from scratch. From engines, gearboxes to suspensions, each part can be mixed and matched to tailor for the right kind of vehicle you want to make.

However, when it comes to test driving it, all you have in the game is a 2D representation of a test track.

But not anymore. Should you have BeamNG Drive, the driving game with some soft-body physics where cars damage, crunch and wrinkle exquisitely, you’re in luck. A new feature where you can export the cars built in Automation to BeamNG Drive and drive it there will be added to an upcoming update for both games.

Both parties, indie developers where their games are still in Early Access, collaborated on this feature.

The cars from Automation will have the same look, engine note and suspension behaviour, among others, as seen from the game when exported to BeamNG Drive. The cars will act as a mod, which means owners of BeamNG Drive can also try out these exported cars should it be shared without the need to purchase Automation. The cars can also be further modded too, as developers Camshaft Software outlined in its FAQ.

Also, the Automation test track will be available as a track in BeamNG Drive. If you wanted to drive that car you design, now you can, but you need to buy another game first.

While still early in the works, it is still a cool collaboration effort to see. Both games will be updated on July 13th to add this feature, with a price cut sales of Automation and BeamNG Drive to follow suit in celebration of this.

Source: BeamNG, Automation Steam Page

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