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Brigitte The Support/Tank Hybrid Is The 27th Overwatch Hero, Now Available


Blizzard is adding the 27th hero for Overwatch, free to all players. Brigitte Lindholm has made some appearances in the game’s extended media- she appeared as Reinhardt’s squire in his first comic and animated short and there are voicelines in-game referencing her.

After some lengthy teases, she made her appearance two weeks ago in the Public Test Realm (PTR) where new patches and balance changes are tested out before it’s live for all platforms.

Being a squire to Reinhardt, Brigitte’s kit should feel rather familiar. She has a melee weapon, a flail that hits far and fast, and there’s an ability to hit further. She has a shield barrier, but it’s only of her size- only one teammate could potentially benefit from it, though she can still do a dash and stun enemies with it like Reinhardt.

But she is also the daughter of Torbjorn, the only hero so far to drop armour packs. Brigitte’s support abilities allow her to drop one healing item, which turns to armour if it heals above the maximum health. Her ultimate, Rally, is a support ultimate, buffing nearby allies with speed and extra armour.

Brigitte’s kit should be interesting for support players who want to play a more active role in combat (but could not utilise the high-skill required for Ana), or those who love playing Reinhardt, or flex players looking to counter roaming offense heroes.

Brigitte is now playable for all platforms, and will be available for competitive play starting season 10, the next season.